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Iron John's Brewing Company (IJBC) is a local, family-owned micro brewery based in Tucson, Arizona. Founded in 2014, IJBC started brewing at its original Plumer Avenue location using a repurposed soup kettle from a prison! We've expanded a bit since those early days, having since opened new taprooms, moved and scaled up our brewing operations, merged with Monkey Burger restaurant and expanded into the world of craft cocktails
. We are now proud to serve you at three different Tucson locations, each offering its own unique menu, environment and experience.  

At IJBC our beer is always fresh and our food is never frozen.

We're small. We're local. And we're on a mission to win your love.

Come join us and experience the IJBC difference. 

Oh, and cheers to #damngoodbeer!


Lauer Family
Carpenter Family
McCusker Family

The Faitsch Family

The Carpenter Family

The Lauer Family

The McCuskerFamily

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