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Our Story


Desert Grown

We were founded in 2014 in Tucson, Arizona; the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Our beers are small batch (2 bbl = about 60 gallons) and our brew system incorporates repurposed materials such as soup kettles that were fashioned to our purposes. We mill our barley on site and use whole grains, flavorful hops, fresh spices, and a wide variety of unique, local ingredients to produce specialty beer that stands out.

Community Oriented

We strive to create uniquely dynamic beers that gather beer lovers of all nature into our taprooms. We pour passion, love and creativity into our brewing process in order to transform beer into an experience both of enjoyment and community connection. 

Specialty Beer

We brew and release fresh beers weekly!  We offer classics ranging from the well known Old Pueblo Pale Ale, to our 1891 Red Ale, to the ever popular Viejo Imperial IPA.  Additionally, we offer seasonal and specialty beers each month, including our coveted cask-aged and sour beers. These beers honor the ingredients and the season in which they are released and are sure to delight your senses. Check out our 'Events' page for upcoming beer release dates.


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